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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Why shouldn’t I buy a Dell or HP available at my local big box store

Being a successful day trader is all about having as many advantages as possible. One edge that many traders are finding to be an absolute necessity is their day trading computer system.

There are only a few elements required for a trader to gain access to the market. First is a strategy and trading plan. Second is a broker to get in and out of the markets. Finally and most importantly is a trading computer to connect to the broker and to fulfill the trading plan.

Computers are extremely useful tools and have helped financial markets gain tremendous growth over the years by giving traders access to the markets. A computer is your eyes and ears into the markets and one of the most important aspects of your trading success. However, it is also usually the most overlooked aspect of trading.

Why is it that most traders overlook the computer aspect of their trading? Many traders believe that all computers are built the same and are essentially equal. Ultimately they will go with whatever is cheapest or on sale. It is worth asking yourself a few questions before you make a decision.
    Why did you pick the software that you did for your trading?
    Why did you pick the broker that you did for your trading?
    Why did you pick the seminar and books that you did for your trading?

The answers to the above questions will not be the same for everyone. The reasons may vary drastically between different traders. For some it may be price. For some it may be because of referrals from colleagues. And for others it may be because the features or information caught their attention. The fact is that all trading software is not the same. All brokers are not the same. All seminars and trading books are not the same. This applies equally to computers: all computers are not the same. Ultimately each of the above will DO the same thing, but each will DO it differently.

How well any given combination works for you will be specific to the needs of your trading strategies.